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Some of the world’s largest companies have their headquarters here in New York City, such as ABC, Macy’s, JPMorgan Chase & Co., and IBM. This makes it a city under more pressure than perhaps, any other in the world, that need to operating at peak capacity twenty four seven. IT issues can strike unexpectedly, and when it does, minimizing the amount of time they disrupt business is paramount. Even a small downtime can result in missed deadlines, dissatisfied consumers or worse.


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Thanks to desktop computers, mobile or tablet devices and office phones, the demands placed on your time by IT and telecommunications devices can quickly add up. And if you’re anything like the average business owner, this is time you simply don’t have – you need to be focusing on growing your company, not constantly fixing technology. That’s where the team of experts at Technology on Premises comes in.

Our proactive approach to IT management relieves you of your technology woes. No matter which systems and devices your staff use, or even where they are located, we provide day-to-day support that prevents problems from cropping up, and quickly resolves any issues that do slip through the cracks. Our proven methodologies ensure our clients experience less downtime and enjoy greater productivity and in turn greater success. Best of all, we do all of this for a flat monthly fee – so your bank balance benefits too.

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Desktop & Server Support

Technology on Premises has spent years developing the TOP HelpDesk and Remote Operations Center. The Support Center and HelpDesk provides a quick and easy 24/7 support line as well as a web interface for use by your company employees to obtain technical support at any time.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Studies show that 70% of small businesses that experiencing a data loss shut down within 2 years. Businesses lose millions of dollars worth of data to disasters like water damage, fires, power outages, theft, equipment failure, and even simple operator mistakes.

Cloud & Hosted Solutions

Struggling with the expense and frustration involved in managing your business’s IT infrastructure? Now there’s a better option. Technology on Premises’ Hosted Solutions provide improved performance, value, and support while also guaranteeing overall system security. Plus, our Hosted Solutions experts can implement this solution quickly, without compromising your business productivity.

Network Security

The information technology revolution has made storing, accessing and sharing data easier than ever before. The dark side of this change is the threat to that data from an ever changing myriad of sources. It doesn’t even matter if your data is of any use to anybody outside your company – if it can be hacked or stolen, somebody is already trying to do it.

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