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About Us

NY Cyber Tech was conceived in New York City in the mid year of 2000. We are pleased with our underlying foundations and have an awesome enthusiasm for our city, our locale, and our kin. It is this same energy that rouses us to give the choice client benefit which has made us one of the business pioneers in the New York Metro Area.

NY Cyber Tech has developed from a little PC bolster supplier to one of the biggest full-benefit data innovation and oversaw administrations suppliers in the New York Metropolitan territory. With our development, we have grasped the idea of giving organizations something other than specialized help, and now we expect to totally expel specialized stresses from our customers’ every day business exercises.

experts behind the servers

  • Alex Neil
    Alex Neil Server Specialist
  • Rifat Anil
    Rifat Anil Server TPP
  • Bart Makos
    Bart Makos Server Analyst

Cloud computing is a great euphemism for centralization of computer services under one server. We do so.


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